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There are many Hungarian grammars, of which the oldest is that of John Erdosi, printed at Vissigath, in 1539. *' called -in Dv-^atislaiv, Duke of Moravia, to m ' , *** ' " assist him *affainst % tii ^.ermans ; and not loriff * ***.** after, 'their territory* being. In * /'** * * * * tli^ic-afesence the Buk^v Htuis had devastated their pro V*b'i 9 ; hd 'tl\ey''ib.6k- possession of a part of *' * \' ** "***T*%* Galicia^tut; afterwa Aas" broke through the Car- j * * paths to Wards * Munkach, attacked the Bulga- rians on the river Theiss, and seized a part of Pannonia. 58 Fable : The Badger and the Squirrel ............ Something like this was anticipated from their last assembly in 1825-27, but the public expectation was disap- pointed. * Consult, for some curious particulars concerning them, En- gel's Geschichte des Ungarischen Reichs and seiner Nebeltinder. The form of the Coronation Ap- peal, used at this epoch by the Primate of the kingdom, the Archbishop of Gran, to the assem- bled orders, is still preserved. XXI given all possible encouragement to the predomi- nance of the German tongue in Hungary.

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He produces a number of words ending, for the most part, in as, es, is, os, and ad, which are common to both. XV Of the affinities of the Magyar with the lan- guages which it has been supposed to resemble, the following Numerals will enable the reader to judge : Hungarian Laplandish Est lionian fotjak Cheremiasian 1 Egy Agd Uks Odik Iktet 2 Ketto or Kuahte Kaks Kik Koktot Ket 3 Horma or Harm a Kolin Kain Kuraut Harom 4 Negy Nelje Nelli Nil Nilit 5 6t Wit Viis Vity Vizit 6 Hat Kot Kuuz Kuaty Kudut 7 He"t Kietja Seits Szezim Szimit 8 Nyoltz Kaktse Kapheksa Kiamiz Kandase 9 Kilentz Aktse Uhheksa Ukmiz Indese 10 Eleg or Logic Kiimrae Daz Lu Tiz 11 Egy-eleg- Akht-loge-nal Dazodik Luatckle nel or Tiz- egyik 12 Ketto eleg- Kuahte loge nal Dazkik Luatkoktot nel 20 K6t-eleg or Kuahte loge Kiz Kolo Husz 100 Szaz Tjuote Sadda Sziu Sjudo 1000 Ezer Tusan Tuhhat Sziurz Tusem Volguls Pennic Ostiaks Finnish 1 Akw Otck Eiet Iksi 2 Kiteg Kiik Katu Kaksi may consult Witseu's Noord en Oost Tartarye, Amsterdam, 1/05 ; the Collection of Russian Histories, Petersburgh, 1758; and they will find a few materials in Pallas's comparative Dictionary, XVI INTRODUCTION. The Transylvanians, especially the Szekely, have a drawling manner of pronouncing words which is very singular.

There are some, I know, who look upon the occupations of a Translator as ignoble and unworthy of literary ambition. It may thus be rendered : P This was written in his chamber by the penniless Tinodj, Often blowing on his fingers, for the cold was in his body.* , ' i TINODI flourished in the middle of the sixteenth 1 ' ' century.

I am well content to stand at respectful distance from those great intellects whose works are borne on the wings of an all-pervading fame to every country where the ear of civilization is listening. He was employed as a the suite of Valentine Torok, whp being led captive by the Turks to the seven towers, left his poor bard to wander over Hungary and Transylvania.

It is moulded in a form essentially its own, and its construc- tion and composition may be safely referred to an epoch when most of the living tongues of Europe either had no existence, or no in- fluence on the Hungarian region. Of late, a theory that the Hunga- rians and Finlanders have a common origin, has found many intelligent advocates ; but probably nothing more than the. During the reign of the Arpadian kings, which brings us down to the beginning of the 14th century, (Andreas Ve- neta having been poisoned in 130J,) many are the references to the Joculators and Trufators,* the Poets and Jesters, who were always to be found * Trufator, Tnifa, (now Trefa,} is an old Magyar word for Jest. Hungary had been enlightened by the efforts of her own sons, and by the influx of illus- trious strangers, as if merely to contrast with the darkness of Turkish oppression. No censorship existed in any shape during this period.

Distance, too, has made the mission of books, and even the communication of ideas, tardy, uncertain, and expensive. orientalism of both caffb'e deduced from the affinitie^of their language 1 , 1 v ? Schedel asks if Troubadour, Trobador, and Trufator, may not be synonymous. The Reformation which soon after this period broke in upon the land, did much for the language. The names of Magyar authors begin now to thicken, and a list of chroniclers and poets occupy the pages of literary story.

These, however, bear the ob- vious names of original identity. The verb to have is want- ing in the two branches; possession is expressed by, to be to, Le mustie kirje, (Lap.,) van nefcem kdnyvem A book is to me, i. rundial form for the present of the infinite, Euo- ben vagyok, (Hung.,) Lden porriem, (Lap.,) I am eating.* The Esthonian and Hungarian pro- nouns have a strong resemblance.

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