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11-Aug-2017 09:49

Recently, Laurence Fishburne‘s wife, Gina Torres, was spotted kissing another man, and that man has since been identified as tech entrepreneur Kevin Wright, a father of six from Utah.

The two of them reportedly met in mid-August on Dana Point, California, where they bonded over the fact that they had both recently left long relationships.

As she is on a ladder decorating the tree, she falls into the arms of Edmund James – the grandson of the owner JJ James.

Edmund is all business and thinks Christmas is superficial and frivolous. Edmund and his business partner, Millicent, have plans for the hotel including ending the Christmas tradition at The Chesterton.

Meanwhile, Hap and Florence Jackson – sharecroppers who have worked the land for generations – struggle bravely to build a small dream of their own despite the rigidly enforced social barriers they face.

Christmas designer Leslie Major is the biggest fan of Christmas ever. Her biggest job every year is decorating the lobby of the famed Chesterton Hotel.

Forbidden Games not only explores Fashanu’s battle with issues of race and sexuality in professional sports, but also the understanding that not everyone is ready for the spotlight.

Rob Anderson (Marlon Wayans) is nervous about finally getting married to his beautiful fiancé Megan (Regina Hall).

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'I think [Torres] finds in Kevin what she didn’t find in [Fishburne] ...

His single minded devotion is put to the test when he falls in love with his newest client, Courtney Clarke, a tremendously talented singer who he discovers at an amusement park. Wilson, his wife & two children are a respectable family in their community – Yet the Wilson kids are fighting temptations & their son Dante has thoughts other than taking over his father’s church.

One of my parents is from Estonia, but this has no resemblance in my personality or the way I look. Only a person can define what they are, NOT their race, religion or skin colour. I do not slate British women either, if you read my typings I am going by my own observations and not doubt that there are some amazing, wonderful and magnificent British women out there.… continue reading »

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