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"One of the most unattractive things to see in a club is this 50-year-old woman acting up like she's 30. It's embarrassing." By drinking and hitting on guys half her age, Patti says Brenda's sending the wrong message to men. "[Patti said] that everybody could see my desperation," Brenda says. I thought it was cute and funny -- it wasn't cute." Instead of setting her up with eligible bachelors, this matchmaker prescribed some alone time. "She said, 'Concentrate on your education, go out with friends and stop looking.'" After taking Patti's advice, Brenda says she started to relax, and her life improved."You offer this energy that says, 'I don't want love. "Patti is the one who asked me not to date for at least six months. "I stopped going to places where I ran into my daughter and her friends," she says. This should be a no-brainer," she wrote in a letter to "The Oprah Show." In one year, Allison says she went on 150 first dates but never got asked out on a second date.I have a beautifully signed bottle of Robert Mondavi vintage wine." After the dates, it doesn't seem that either bachelor will follow up for a second date. After hearing Patti's diagnosis, Allison realizes she has become one of her biggest pet peeves. Allison's take-charge attitude is what Patti calls the pickle jar effect. But if he's standing there, Patti says it's just as easy to ask him to open it."I don't know if the relationship chemistry is necessarily there," Dan says. "And know that you are the smarter, clever one for doing it," she says.Allison may think her dates don't notice -- but she's wrong. Sometimes what happens when we spend a lot of time alone, we forget to let them open the damn pickle jar," Patti says."It almost felt like she had some pre-planned questions she wanted to ask," Rich says. "The one thing I don't think is ever going to change on this planet is men still need to feel like men," she says.

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Jennifer says she sat down and had a talk with her fianc about his behavior three or four months after initially becoming engaged.

"Everything just got calm and so much better." Like many women, Allison, a 35-year-old chef who loves sports, can't understand why she's still single. "It was almost like going on 150 job interviews," she says.